In a college psych class exercise I rated ‘world of beauty’ freakishly high, higher than ‘respect of peers’, but lower than ‘love of my family’. I started this blog so I can capture some of that beauty before it passes me by.

born: mid 70’s

love: color, flora, texture, design of all kinds, architecture, photography, my husband’s curly hair

in the recent past I have: lived in Austin, Texas; sold antiques at Uncommon Objects; designed custom bedding at CushCush; created a floral design business from my blood, sweat, and tears called Pollen Floral Art; ditched it all to move to Auckland, New Zealand with my husband Kyle and cats Tino and Billy Bob

currently I am: soaking up the NZ vibe



5 Responses to “About”

  1. Pam said

    Hi! I just noticed you linked to my blog and i wanted to say hi! I looked at your former work at Pollen floral art – it is gorgeous! love the radishes and jealous that you had a bride brave enough to put echeveria in a bouquet – would love to do that. would love to network with you! have a lovely day! Pam

  2. Hi Guys !

    Great to see your blog. Kim is from Indiana originally, I’m a Kiwi and we’ve been married about 7 years. We will be ‘going home’ through San Diego, New Mexico across Texas following the Turquoise and Gold trails, then up to Oklahoma and Indiana early next year. All the best to you both!
    Ray and Kim

  3. I adore this picture of you and your husband. It really captures the moment.

  4. Lunes said

    A great blog – one definitely worth following! Kylee – France

  5. Gina Eiger said

    This is just awsome! What a talent you have including your writing.
    Gina – NZ

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