come on over…

January 8, 2008


…the water’s fine. The Cream of Matakana shop now has a blog! Check it out.


seeds, pods, paper, studio

January 1, 2008

After brunch at a nice local cafe which is situated in the bush, I found some pods that just screamed to be taken home.pods.jpg

I added them to my table of collected ephemera, most of which comes from the beach.


I dug the seeds out of the pods, which to my surprise were all unique in size and color, mostly due to various types of mold. The photos do little justice to the delicate colors and soft matte textures.


They take on different hues depending on the vintage paper substrate.


And some other pieces-in-process with just vintage papers…dots1.jpg


This piece will be a long horizontal collage on a found board (Salvation Army dumpster!), titled ‘converstions at a party’.


And a view of the huge space we call home, studio, garage, barn, wood & metal shop…